Learn to Lead

mountain inspired

This course gives you a great way to spend a weekend, learning how to take your rock climbing to the next level by leading your own climbs. You may have seconded climbs before but never had the opportunity or confidence to lead yourself or you may have led before but not been entirely sure if what you are doing is correct or the most efficient way of doing things. This course will break down all the skills that you need so that you can have a really solid base of skills to develop your leading from - a really exciting two days that can open up a whole new world of rock climbing adventure. You will work on a ratio of one instructor to yourself and another climber and so have lots of time for your own personal input and development.

For this course you should be a 'competent second' i.e. you should have experience of climbing outdoors on rock, removing gear as you second a pitch that another person has led, taking their gear out.

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£220 - 1:2

Hathersage, Peak District

31st August - 1st September 2019:

Please follow this link for more information: https://adventure-expertise.co.uk/experiences/summer-courses/mountain-inspired/
Contact Leading Edge info@leadingedge-mountain.co.uk to book your place